"What is that, some kind of stone, like a heating stone? An odd pattern, it kind of looks like—


is that a goddamn condom full of spaghetti

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okay say what you will but this goes in 

fave. not gonna lie

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Marvel Swimsuit Special: Colossus
by Brian Stelfreeze
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Or going to work sick because taking a day off means rent doesn’t get paid.

The absolute truth. Both of these statements

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& now Itty’s game! 😎 He’s the one jumping. (at W E Waters Middle School)

Not a great pic, but guess who won! Go Waters!! ✨🌟 (at W E Waters Middle School)

Selfies at the volleyball with Dessie. 😜 (at W E Waters Middle School)

There’s our team captain. Go Brianna! (at W E Waters Middle School)